1. NOXX™ LFP has been a success on commercial vessels since 1974, long before ultrasound antifouling was introduced to the market. See testimonials

2. NOXX™ LFP does not need water to work, this means the waterline is always protected and protects vessels in mud berths.

3. There is no adverse effect on the ecosystems of the oceans and lakes, NOXX™ LFP only deters, it does not destroy or kill.

4. NOXX™ LFP does not require any toxic antifouling copper paint to act as a secondary back up.

5. NOXX™ low frequency systems do not interfere with military vessels or any other frequency reliant equipment.

6. NOXX™ LFP frequencies and sound only carry 6 ft into the water (low frequencies do not travel long distances).

7. NOXX™ LFP has been proven commercially for decades, we know commercially ultrasound has failed 50% of the time. 

8. RoHS compliant, ul 2043 certified, ip66 water and dust proof. 

9. Priced at the mid range entry level, but fully upgrade-able up-to 48 emitters without requiring a new control panel, that is enough to protect a 200ft or 60m vessel without adding another control panel.