The Science behind the NOXX™ LFP

The NOXX™ LFP creates the illusion of a predatory environment for mussels, barnacles and pinworms. Take 1 minute to watch a quick explainer of our science.  

Unlike other electronic antifouling solutions, the NOXX™ LFP antifouling system kills neither the food source nor marine life larvae. The patented NOXX™ system works to transform the hull into a soundboard to emit a low frequency pulse 6ft into the water surrounding the hull. The system operates on extremely low power. The average-size system operates between 0.8 and 1.5 Amps.

What are the working parts of the NOXX™ LFP? 

The NOXX™ LFP antifouling system comprises three components:

  1. NOXX™ LFP emitters 
  2. Mounting Pedestals
  3. A Control Panel. 


It is the inventive thinking around the design of the emitters that has created the most compact, discrete and powerful antifouling system available today. The NOXX™ emitters are mounted onto the inboard side of the hull via a pedestal and connected to the system’s control panel. Each emitter covers a surface-area radius of 8ft or diameter of 16ft over the hull, projecting the frequency over the entire area of the hull with even sound pressure and frequency response.

The NOXX™ emitters are UL 2043 certified, IP66 waterproof and dust proof certified and with virtually solid-state construction. They each come with the suitable length of wire required for the size of vessel neatly sealed at the emitter end. Each emitter is Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant, which means they are free of hazardous substances, including lead. All applicable electrical products, particularly in the EU market after July 1, 2006 must pass RoHS compliance.



The NOXX™ emitters are attached to the surface to be protected, via a pedestal made from the same material as the mounting surface of the vessel.  Since the NOXX™ system works on vessels made of any material (including wood), the pedestals are available for all materials and are most commonly provided in aluminum, carbon steel, GPR and wood. Each emitter is attached to a pedestal by screwing them to a threaded seal on the pedestal.

In some cases, supplementary mounting systems are used along with the pedestal.  For example, a hounds-type strap with the pedestal attached is sometimes used for internal piping systems, sea chests, jet drives and so on.   

The NOXX™ LFP antifouling system can be easily installed by vessel owners themselves by following the simple instructions provided with each system. The system is available in packages depending on the size of your vessel.

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