Do you still have questions? Many people do, as this is a unique science, and new to the recreational market! 

+ Is the NOXX™ LFP the same as ultrasound or ultrasonic antifouling?

No. In fact, not at all!

The NOXX™ LFP antifouling system was invented and designed to stop marine fouling on vessels WITHOUT causing harm to marine life. The NOXX™ system uses a low frequency pulse to create the ILLUSION of a predatory environment that forces marine life, such as mussels, barnacles, pinworms, and crustacean larvae to avoid the area completely. Low frequency pulses do not harm the food source or marine life larvae.

In contrast, ultrasound uses cavitation created by a much higher frequency to kill the food source, and invariably the larvae as well. Oysters and coral, for example, all start their life as larvae. In summary, the NOXX™ system does not interfere with the ocean’s natural to prevent fouling.

+ Does the NOXX™ LFP affect the fish and marine life?


There is no harm caused to any marine life, or the mussels, barnacles and pinworms that the system is deterring. The low frequency pulses simply create the ILLUSION of a predatory environment. Nothing is harmed! The fundamental goal of the NOXX™ system, when it was invented in 1974, was to create an antifouling solution that would co-exist with the ocean ecosystems without interfering or harming the balance.

+ Does the NOXX™ LFP negatively affect fishing?


The NOXX™ low frequency and short sound travel do not deter fish at all, only larvae. So, happy fishing, fishermen!

+ Do I still need to paint my vessel?


Most boats already have an antifoul, and you're not required to remove it but you don't need to keep repainting your hull in the future with it. The NOXX™ LFP system requires that you start with a clean situation, so if you require a scrape to start fresh, then we recommend a non-toxic slick paint, or a basic bottom paint to leave a smooth finish after scraping. Painting is not a requirement, but once painted the need to re-paint will be due to wear and tear rather than to hard fouling and plus it's generally not recommended within the marine industry to leave a bare hull in the water for long periods.

+ Does the NOXX™ LFP remove weeds/slime?


The NOXX™ LFP system does not remove weeds, grasses, or slime. However, weeds and grasses will easily remove themselves from the hull when you're underway, or can be easily wiped off by a diver during an annual zinc change.

+ What voltage is required?

The NOXX™ LFP system requires a constant 12-volt DC power supply, however most systems will never draw more than 1.5 amps on average.

+ How many amps per emitter?

Each emitter only draws 0.1 amps!

+ Does the system need to run all the time?

Not necessarily.

That said, it is advantageous to have the NOXX™ LFP cleaning your hull 24 hours a day. A crustacean larva takes two weeks to become fully attached, therefore it is possible to have the system off for up to a week because the minute the system is turned back on, the week-old larvae will leave the area immediately.

+ Is it safe to touch the emitters and wiring while the system is running?


The NOXX™ LFP uses a low voltage 12-volt DC power supply rather than a 110-volt AC household current to power the unit. The system is also protected by a 5 amp inline fuse.

+ Does the system work on all vessels?

The NOXX™ LFP works on all materials, so all hulls! We match the pedestal to any boat material, whether it's aluminium, fibreglass, wood, or steel . . . you name it!

+ Will the NOXX™ LFP protect my running gear?


The NOXX™ LFP protects inboard motors with shaft drives, propellers, rudders, bow thrusters, sterndrives and so on! As you know the before mentioned areas, are very difficult to keep clean. However our system will help to keep them clear from growth when the emitters are correctly positioned to benefit from the low frequency pulses which are emitted through the water and in close proximity to the emitter face. This is why positioning is crucial!

+ Can I install this system myself??


The NOXX™ anti fouling system can be installed using basic tools, and following our easy to use manual and video. If you have any questions or run into difficulties during the installation, please contact our Technical Support at 250-656-5366.

+ Can the NOXX™ LFP system be installed while the boat is in the water?


The emitters are attached to the inboard side of the hull, and the control panel can be placed above-deck in a storage cabinet or below-deck in the engine compartment.

+ Will the NOXX™ LFP work on a foam or wood cored hull?

Very few vessels still have cored hulls, however it is still possible to use NOXX™ on these older hull designs. The NOXX™ antifouling will work in a cored hull so long as the following two steps are performed: (1) a small 5” diameter section of the inner layer of fiberglass and foam or wood core is removed so that the emitter pedestal can make contact with the outer fiberglass skin of the hull; and (2) the cored area is sealed with resin prior to installing the emitter.

+ How durable are the NOXX™ emitters?

The NOXX™ antifouling emitters are built using the latest digital technology and sealed in a waterproof control unit. All of the fittings, emitters and cabling are built to withstand the harsh marine environment. Most NOXX™ systems have a track record of lasting at least 10 years!

+ Is there a warranty?


The NOXX™ system is designed to withstand the marine environment and has been designed, developed and assembled using IP68 components. The NOXX™ LFP has been in the industrial marine industry since the 70's and has been proving effective for 10+ years on protection against hard fouling. We confidently and fully guarantee the emitters for 5 years and 1 year on the control pane, from the date of purchase. Should a problem arise, please contact your local dealer or reach us directly at 250-656-5366.

+ Does the NOXX™ LFP make noise?

Depending on your hearing ability, you may hear a faint clicking sound at the emitter. The majority of the low level sound is inaudible to humans but with age we do often lose the ability to hear some of the lower frequency range the system operates within.

+ Does the NOXX™ LFP require any maintenance?


One of the greatest qualities of the NOXX™ is that it requires absolutely no maintenance! It is 100% digital and therefore has no moving parts that would need servicing.