Do you say: "Nah, it won't happen to me!"?

As humans we are notorious for focusing on the more "immediate reaction" things, rather than the "in the future this could be a problem" things.

Exhibit A: You may love fast food, you're in pretty good health but you find yourself ordering at (insert favourite place); in that moment you say to yourself: "this (insert: craving) isn't going to hurt me", but the problem is we always say that andneglect the long term health effects, which we will regret later if we continue this trend.

This is similar to Marine Growth Protection Systems. If it is functioning properly, no one notices, but when it has been neglected - everyone notices. Eg. if the seachests/ pipes are clogged up, it can create a domino effecting multiple functionalities of the ship!

So that's why we came up with our new video campaign: #Don'tNeglectPROTECT. You will see examples from real life where you had an opportunity to protect yourself, but it was neglected. At EMCS Industries Ltd. we love a good metaphor - so these videos felt appropriate!

Our first video has been released: #AnodeGIRL neglects bringing her umbrella with her, (even with the weather warning) because it was sunny when she left home.

Would love to hear, in the comments below, examples of times you've neglected something you should have protected!

Stay tuned for next weeks #Don'tNeglectPROTECT video