Coffee and… antifouling!

Did you know that there is a strong correlation between coffee and antifouling/anticorrosion technology? Of course you didn’t! You’re probably wondering what or maybe even how, but try not think too hard because you might be surprised yet. And anyway, as I have said before, there’s a story behind everything at EMCs industries.

Now picture this, you own a Bed and Breaksfast. Your guests wake up on a beautiful warm summer morning and in your pristine decorated home. Everything is in place, warm fluffy towels await their use, soft and luxurious linens made their sleep heavenly. The sun is high in the sky perfect for a bright day ahead except for one thing…you forgot to get coffee! So, have you pieced it together yet? No? Well, that’s exactly what it feels like if you deprived your vessel of antifouling and anticorrosion technology. Everything is perfect apart from that one simple yet crucial commodity.

But, everybody knows how important coffee is to get the day started, the same way a vessel owner would understand the importance of an antifouling technology. So to make sure your experience boating is the best, a simple touch of antifouling from our NOXX LFP system would do the trick. So what does our system ensure? No fuss, no hassle, no problem! But most importantly, no need to worry about there ever being a problem because the NOXX LFP takes care of it for you. 

Here at EMCS Industries, we want to be part of the solution so that you can avoid situations such as not having any "coffee"… if you catch my drift! We are the proud inventors of the Cathelco technology - how many people can say that huh?! We love providing happy ship owners with antifouling and anticorrosion systems because we know they work. We would never sell you something we don’t use ourselves of course! Our boat's name is "Aunty Fouling"...

And just so you know, the Canadian currency is favourable amongst most currencies so you can bet your flippers that you won’t lose out on much with us. Go on and drop us a line - let’s connect, let’s share, let’s make antifouling the solution to a long term problem that we no longer want and have the opportunity to eradicate. Let’s make coffee.




Tenille Villebrun