The Trials and Tribulations of Pirates and Fouling!

There once was a time in history in which the high tides and the thunderous currents were dominated by pirates. They sailed the ocean with their treasured gold and heavy stomachs, proud in all their glory - they were kings of the ocean. But, there was one thing they could not quite suppress and conquer - fouling. And so, the tale of pirates and their trials and tribulations with unwanted living organisms infesting the surface of their boats is a complicated story! 

Some might describe pirates as the Pillars of Plunder and the reason of this is because of the marine growth that would leach itself onto their boat's hull while out at sea. In fact, did you know that mussels, barnacles and other eclectic sea creatures with tentacles and spikes and all sorts, first enter this world as larvae format in the ocean? Yep! Although, this is short lived as they only have two weeks to find themselves a home to latch onto. This is because ocean larvae is small but there is a lot of it! However, fortunately for pirates, ocean larvae is a primary food source for other sea life so it’s normal for the organism to shy away from predators because its time is limited, unless they find themselves a ship hull instead!

But anyway back to the point! It would be at this particular moment that pirates would need to pull the ship to land to scrape off the sea urchins - and we all know how much pirates hate land. It meant a higher chance of getting caught! There had to be another way, all this manual labour was slowing them down. That was until… anti-fouling methods were first discovered.

Now, like with most new things, anti-fouling had a long way to go with improvements since the early days. However, EMCS started inventing Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS) since the 1950's. The first being the "Cathelco System" using Copper and Aluminum anodes and then in the 70's the NOXX™ (formerly known as the Hydrosonic Hulltender) was developed.

The NOXX system has been cleverly designed to create a predatory environment for the free swimming larvae. This is done by constructing patented low frequency pulses with their LFP anti-fouling system - there is nothing on the market that can compete. The system is so advanced that it can reach 6 ft into the water around the hull and blasts pulses around the water to mimic those negatives vibes that the larvae are sure to pick up on that your hull is not a place to settle and call home.

Better yet, it’s state-of-the-art technology LFP system provides effect methods that ensures the device is environmentally friendly and does not harm any sea life in the process. It simply tells the mussel and barnacle larvae that they are not welcome here is all! Now, what a shame NOXX™ LFP system was not around back then - can you image how much faster the pirates would have been?