How EMCS discovered the NOXX™ LFP

Everything has a story, but our story is particularly interesting because the NOXX™ LFP as you know it now, was not always so. A very long time ago, it was once called the Hydrosonic Hull-tender. Wow, what a mouthful! Aren’t you glad we shortened it down for you?

The discovery took place January 29th 2016 to be exact. I was on my way to a meeting at Foss Shipyards to discuss our MARELCO™ anti fouling system. However, the yard was under construction at the time and things had moved; as I tried to navigate my way to the temporary admin offices, I walked into a portable nearby to ask for directions.

Me, being the person that I am (I like to call this ambition on the weekdays), entered the portable confidently only to find a man with his spaghetti infested fork in mid air, and a look of pure confusion smeared across his face. Ok, so it was lunch time and it was sort of my fault but anyways back to the point! To my relief, the stranger with the spaghetti infested fork hanging in mid air, had chief engineer written on his shirt and worked for the Alaska Highway System Ferries.

I saw the opportunity to quickly show him our product brochures from EMCS industries, he very quickly halted my spontaneous intervention. Although he was aware and impressed with our MGPS system, he had one specific priority in mind… he wanted to know whether it’s life span was at least that of a decade - yes, a decade! Well, who wouldn’t? No need to refit and scrape off the mussels and barnacles that clog the sea-chests, bow thrusters, crossovers, strainers etc, for an entire 11 years in his case! And so, he decided to stick with what he had - the Hydrosonic Hulltender. 

But there was one problem, the owner of the business was thinking of selling the Hulltender because he was more an inventor and not interested in the business of selling the system - most of the sales in the commercial shipping world were because of word of mouth! Retirement was on the horizon for the inventor of the Hulltender - Derek Knox!  

At this point, my hopes began to dwindle to get the chief to switch to MARELCO™. That was until he mentioned that the owner was based in Vancouver, and as you know we are a BC Ferry ride away on Vancouver Island! There was no time to waste, I took down his details and took it back to EMCS headquarters where our director, Trevor Tasker, was just as impressed as I was. And boy did we act fast! Within a week, EMCS industries had bought the Hydrosonic Hull tender from - yep, you guessed it, the one and only Derek Knox!

We felt the system could be better improved and thus, we reconfigured the design of the control panel and extended the reach of the emitters protection radius. We also thought that if this was working so well commercially, we should definitely bring this to the pleasure craft market. And it was that moment that we decided to re-name the new design after Derek Knox himself and that’s when the NOXX™ LFP was born.

Weirder yet, a chief engineer from BC ferries had sent photos of a system that had been installed 15 years prior, and only now needed to be refit. The photos were of the Hydrosonic Hull tender system (unbeknownst to the both of us!) before I had come to discover it - imagine his reaction when I called back only to tell him that EMCS were now the owners of that same system and could refit his ferry with the improved system! So, it looks like we got our foot in the door at the right time… phew, the tide was in our favour! 

Tenille Villebrun