Want anti-fouling freedom? What are you waiting for!

Anti-fouling solutions are easy to come by, but environmentally anti-fouling solutions that work, are one in a million! That is why the MARELCO™ NOXX™ LFP has won awards for being one of the best of its kind, because it actually does the job of preventing mussels and barnacles on your boat, without any harm to the environment.

What more could you want? What if the only time you needed to bring in a diver was to brush away a little slime off your hull?

  • You’ll no longer need to haul out your boat to repaint your hull, think of the countless hours that have been slaved away at trying to repaint a ship’s hull?!
  • Scraping becomes a thing of the past century, you may as well chuck your scraper in the bin!
  • It’s very low maintenance which means that there is no need for monthly maintenance. Due to its low frequency pulse technology which works around the clock, it does the job for you. 
  • Speaking of low frequency pulse technology… this means that it is environmentally friendly. How you ask? Well the system releases pulses to allude marine life into thinking that the ship is more of a predatory environment, than a home they can catch a free ride on. Unlike other methods such as toxic paints and high frequency electronic systems the MARELCO™ NOXX™ LFP is gentle and environmentally friendly. 
  • Save tonnes on fuel! Yes, you read that correctly. Without the drag from the marine growth, your fuel consumption is automatically reduced!

Although the product itself is desired, what seems to deter people is the initial cost of a system. However the ROI or in other words, the return on investment is fantastic! With the MARELCO™ NOXX™ cleverly crafted durable design – it’s going to last years! But if you want to get precise, it does have a good ten years in it.

The MARELCO™ NOXX™ system accommodates vessels of all sizes, no matter how big or small and within eighteen months it very quickly makes up for the expenditure. Not that it would cost you much to install either, because it doesn’t even require a haul out to install. With the help of our easy to read manual, you can install it yourselves!

So just to summarize, it cuts down on fouling and ultimately fuel, it’s environmentally friendly and lasts long enough so that you won’t even financially feel it in the long run – what are you waiting for?!

The MARELCO™ NOXX™LFP promises an anti-fouling solution which is exactly why you’re here, otherwise you would be somewhere else. So save yourself the time and money, invest in something that will improve your vessel’s life and ultimately even yours giving you the freedom to be fouling free, and get back to doing what you love!